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WGA Membership & League Information

2022 Membership Dues .......... $20

Dues must be paid to be eligible for prizes in the league, or participate in WGA Saturday and Sunday events or WGA sponsored tournaments.

Ladies Day is Wednesday from 7:30 – 10:30 a.m. from May through September. We have league tee times starting at 9:00 a.m.,  however, ladies may make tee times from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. and from 9:45 until 10:30 a.m. All WGA members are eligible for the league game as long as they sign prior to tee times and tee off during the above-listed tee times. Scorecards need to be turned into the WGA binder in the Cafe for scoring. Scorecards need first and last names written on the card as well as the player’s handicap circled on the card, and the date of the game played. Game winners will be sent out via email. Prizes will be awarded on Closing Day for all events. Please join us for WGA weekly meetings before play at 8:30 a.m.  We will be offering free coffee or tea on Wednesday mornings. 

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Tips to speed up "slow play"


  • “READY GOLF” – if you’re at your ball and read to play, HIT. Don’t use the honor system. That is for the PROs!
  • Let the player with the shortest driving skills hit first.
  • Take practice swings while others are playing their shots.
  • Whenever possible, putt out instead of marking your ball.
  • Line up your putt while other players are putting. Don’t distract players who are putting.
  • When someone in your group is having problems in the bunker or rough, help her find her ball. There is a maximum of 3 minutes to look for your ball.
  • Record your scores at the next tee.
  • Always carry extra balls and tees in your pocket, especially when playing holes with hazards.
  • Know the basic rules of golf. Carry a rule book in your bag.
  • Don’t turn a between nines refreshment stop into a long lunch.
  • If you have an open hole in front of you, ask the faster players behind you to play through.
  • If a slow group in front of you doesn’t ask you to play through, it is your responsibility to ask them if you can.
  • If you are unsure of club selection, take one or two extra clubs.
  • Drop off your partner at her ball then go directly to yours.
  • Park the cart to the side of the green nearest the next tee.
  • Pick up after 10 strokes if you do not wish to play in the Wednesday event


Golf Etiquette


  • Be courteous. No one should move, talk, or stand close to, or directly behind the ball or hole when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke.
  • Limit the time spent looking for a lost ball to three (3) minutes.
  • Before leaving a bunker, a player should rake the trap and place rake back into the trap.
  • A player should replace all divots and use sand-seed mixture to fill holes.
  • Fix all ball marks on the green even if they are not yours.
  • Keep up pace of play or let others play through.
  • Always be ready to hit when it is your turn.
  • Make it a habit to watch everyone’s ball so that it will be easier to find.

WGA Tournament Rules

WGA Tournament Rules:

  • All WGA Tournaments will require a current course handicap.
  • Maximum amount of handicap allowed is 36.
  • Members wishing to enter any tournament must sign up in the Pro Shop.
  • A minimum of 8 players is required for any given tournament. With less than 8 competitors, that tournament will be cancelled due to lack of interest.
  • Matches should be played early. Only emergencies and illness will be considered acceptable reasons for extending play date.
  • If you cannot play at all, please forfeit.
  • Please contact your opponent regardless of where your name is positioned on the tournament sheet.
  • In tournament play both players should keep score. After completing each hole, compare scores.
  • When play is complete, date and sign both cards, turn them into the Pro Shop, and post the winner.
  • If there is any discrepancy, contact the Club Pro.
  • Ball may be played up or down. Player’s choice. You may move your ball no more than 6 inches.

    USGA Handicap System


    New USGA Handicap (effective January 1, 2020):

    • For a player with an established Handicap Index, the maximum score for each hole played is limited to a net double bogey, calculated as follows:
      • Par of the hole, plus
      • 2 strokes, plus
      • Any handicap stroke(s) that the player receives on that hole. Totaled is the maximum score that player can take on that hole.


    Hole is par 4, plus

    2 strokes (double bogey), plus 

    1 stroke received due to handicap =

    7 is the maximum score that player can take for that hole.


    Information taken from USGA Rules of Handicapping, Rule 3.1b  (https://www.usga.org/handicapping/roh/2020-rules-of-handicapping.html)



    Local WGA Rules

    Local WGA Rule:

    On Wednesday league play only, C flight may pick your ball up after 10 strokes. This will help speed up play and morale. If you are in Championship, and A & B flights, you cannot pick up your ball after 10 strokes or you will not be eligible for the Wednesday event. Flights are as follows:

    Championship flight: 0-20 handicap

    A flight: 21-25 handicap

    B flight: 26-35 handicap
    C flight: 36+ handicap

    Penalty Area (formerly Water Hazard):

    The ball cannot be physically carried over the water. If it is, the hole is not considered complete and your score cannot be recorded for prizes.

    Local Rule Exception:

    ALL golfers must try to hit over the water one (1) time, and then may carry their ball to the other side to the drop area provided on hole 9. There is a one (1) stroke penalty for each ball hit into the water plus a one (1) stroke penalty for carrying the ball to the other side. For example, if you hit your drive to the bottom of hole 9, your 2nd shot goes into the water. You can hit your 4th shot from the same side, or you can carry your ball to the drop zone on the other side, and you’ll hit your 5th (2-stroke penalty) shot from the drop zone. THIS LOCAL RULE APPLIES DURING LADIES DAY (WEDNESDAY GAME) ONLY, BUT NOT DURING TOURNAMENT PLAY, OR REGULAR PLAY. IN TOURNAMENT PLAY OR DURING REGULAR PLAY, YOU MUST CONTINUE TO TRY TO HIT ACROSS THE WATER, AND YOU CAN NOT CARRY YOUR BALL AROUND THE WATER TO THE DROP ZONE.